Arran Herbs by Keith Robertson

Keith Robertson is a consultant medical herbalist, and founder of the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine

Nestled in the Firth of Clyde with the great arm of the Mull of Kintyre keeping her sheltered from the worst of the Atlantic storms lies the magical Isle of
Arran. An original name for her was ‘The Isle of the Sacred Healing Apple Tree’ and this is reflected in the Gaelic name of Avalach. She is a sacred island that
can drift off in the mist and sounding close enough to Avalon to invite legends. For the past 20 years Drimlabarra Herb Farm in the south of the island has
been a vegan organic retreat and holistic research centre for plant medicine and home to the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine. The plants here are grown
without any pesticides or insecticides or other Frankenstein chemicals as we are much more Frankincense by nature! Expertly crafted in this unique and
beautiful part of Scotland, the herbs absorb the elements of the landscape that bears them, pure sea air, fertile soil, rain sun and wind and peace. Plants
are amazing beings and can help us in amazing ways – surely even more so when they are grown, picked and processed with love.

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