New card facility

So the last card facility was destroyed when the building was struck by lightning 10 years ago. We took that as a sign that the gods were against it…. Well we’ve just got one installed and as of last Tuesday we are now accepting card payments – hopefully lightning won’t strike twice.

Fresh from Darjeeling

First Flush

First Flush premium Darjeeling bud from the borders with Nepal

Co-Owner Martin Fell and friends are fresh back from beautiful Darjeeling, India, with tasty new discoveries and a nerdy amount of tea know-how. There’ll a couple of amazing new first  flush teas coming to youz soon!

Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling tea


Inksters Select Tea

In last year’s struggle to stay open against pressure presented by a notorious building developer, Inksters Solicitors represented Tchai-Ovna and the community, doing a lot of the work for free. In return, we have happily agreed to creating Inksters Select Tea, a project that represents Inksters continuing commitment to the community.The aim of Inksters Select Tea is to introduce high quality, rare and exclusive teas to its clients and to Tchai-Ovna’s clients. These are specially selected by co-owner and founder Martin Fell; who has almost two decades of experience in the industry. Launched at Christmas 2015 with an exclusive high grade Chinese oolong, Gui Hua, Martin has recently returned back from a tea excursion to Darjeeling with some discoveries of fantastic high grown Indian tea originating from the border with Nepal.

Even the cat likes it!

Swipii now accepted!

We’re currently trying out a loyalty system called Swipii… It’s easy to use (come down and we’ll explain it) and you can get all kinds of fun rewards.

Each visit gets you five points, and the points can be traded in for the following prizes:

  • 20 points (just four visits) gets you a free green tea of your choice.
  • 25 points (five visits) gets you a pot of yogi chai.
  • 50 points (ten visits) gets you a dahl, chilli, curry or falafel.
  • 100 points (twenty visits) gets you a meal for two with tea.
  • 250 points (fifty visits) gets you a lovely gojou tea set.

Please note – each time a prize is claimed the counter resets.

So come down and try it. It’s worth a swipe!