Vegetarian & Vegan Food

All our food is vegetarian, apart from vegan items marked (v). Food containing nuts is marked with an (n). Please refer to the allergy advice sheet before ordering.

Snack size

Olives (v) Served in a delicious marinade. £2.80

Pistachios (v) £2.80

Dolmades (n,v)
Vine Leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, drizzled with olive, and served with salad. £3.50

Houmous (v)
Chickpea dip made with olive oil, sesame, garlic and lemon and served with pitta and salad. £4.50

Baba Ganoush (v)
Egyptian aubergine dip with tahini, lemon and spices served with pitta and salad. £4.50

Cheese and Crackers
A large spread of crackers with pickle and slices of cheddar cheese. £4.50

Hearty and delicious, varying from the seasonal to the exotic. Ask for today’s flavour. £4.50


Choose from these, or ask for a variation:

  • Healthy Boy Special £3.50 humus, cheese, salad, sweet chilli.
  • Haywain’s Ploughman £3.50 cheese, pickle, salad.

Main Meals

Falafel (v)
A house speciality: deep fried balls of spiced mashed chick peas and herbs served with a choice of humus or baba ganoush, mixed salad and warm pitta pockets. £6.80

Red Dahl (v)
Mixed lentils, curried together with fresh tomato, ginger, chillis and freshly ground spices. Served with plenty of warm pitta bread, and fresh herbs. Yoghurt available on request. £6.50

Middle Eastern Platter of Delights (v)
All your favourites on one plate: houmous, baba ganoush, dolmades, falafel, olives, pitta and mixed salad. Good if you’re hungry, perfect to share. £11.50

Chipotle Chilli (v)
An award winning dish, consisting of a smoky coconut chilli with roasted vegetables and a selection of beans. Served in a wrap with salad or with warm pitta. £6.80

This month’s special:

Vegetarian Curry
A delicious vegetarian curry featuring seasonal vegetables and aromatic herbs and spices.

  • Served with warm pitta £6.80
  • Served with rice £8.80

Side Orders

Bread and butter – £1.00

Houmous – £2.50

Baba Ganoush – £2.50

Salad Bowl – £2.80

Pitta Bread – £1.00

Rice – £2.50


Organic Carrot Cake (n)
Delicious slice of cake filled and topped with walnut pieces and cream icing. £2.80

Chocolate Brownie (n)
Delicious homemade chocolate brownie, warmed and served with a chocolate fudge topping. £2.50

Uber Bar (n, v)
Made by our friend Kirsty, a healthy chocolate slice made with organic seeds, nuts, dates and dark chocolate. £2.20

Chocolate flapjack
Moreish cocoa and muscovado squares with thick oat flakes. £2.20

Baklava (n)
Greek pastry made with pistachio nuts and syrup. £2.50

Biscuits (n)
A generous plate of butter cookies. £1.30