Kirsty Potts

December 2, 2015 @ 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Tchai-Ovna Ltd
42 Otago Ln
Glasgow G12 8PB

Kirsty Potts is an Aberdeenshire-based singer songwriter. Alongside Alasdair Roberts, she will be performing songs from her album “The Seeds of Life”.


Kirsty has sung since she was little and her early experience of music was singing with her mother Alison McMorland. She grew up in Cornwall and Yorkshire but was surrounded by Alison’s singing and music and so she has inherited a love and respect for Scots songs and music.

In her teens she immersed herself in gospel, blues and jazz and sang with Kid Boyd’s New Orleans Jazz Band, explored writing and arranging her own material. She studied Dance and worked in London for 10 years and was able to further explore different forms of music including African music. 

After a voice operation and a move to Glasgow 20 years ago she spent time with Alison and Geordie singing and sharing music and songs. This period was instrumental in developing her approach to singing traditional material. During this time Kirsty appeared on 5 albums with Alison and Geordie including Rowan in the Rock, Ballad Tree, White Wings. Along with Geordie and Alison she performed at clubs and festivals including Sidmouth, Whitby and Auchtermuchty.

She has appeared in theatrical productions including Peter Bellamy’s The Transports, Yellow and The Lotus and The Thistle. She currently teaches drama for primary school children in Buchan and this includes encouraging the children to express themselves through acting, singing, comedy, mime etc.

Kirsty has practised Nichiren Buddhism for 25 years and has contributed to this worldwide movement for peace, culture and education. This has a big influence on her approach to music and she has sung both solo and with choirs at events dedicated to peace. She has also sung for the Hiroshima Memorial and International Peace Day in Aberdeen in the last 8 years.