Ingried Bassaroque

October 13, 2016 @ 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Tchai-Ovna House of Tea
42 Otago Ln
Glasgow G12 8PB

A creative musician with a passion for research, Ingried Boussaroque has acquired a wealth of knowledge throughout her career, that she is happy to share. She enjoys exploring musical traditions from all over the world and discovering similarities that draws them together beyond geographical distance.In conferences and workshops, Ingried’s warm personality allows her to adapt easily to all audiences, from the youngest to the most scholarly.

Join her for the launch of her album “Islands”, featuring songs in Scots, Gaelic and Quebec languages.

Ingried Boussaroque has been actively performing in Montreal for more than fifteen years as a singer, a musician and an actress. She is the artistic director for La Mandragore, a Montreal ensemble specialized in the old European and Mediterranean repertoire, with a special taste for cultural cross-breeding. La Mandragore has won several awards in Quebec, such the World Music Concert of the Year Opus award (season 2011-12) for its Convivencia live performance, with the eponymous album having been nominated in the Best album – World Music category by the Quebec Showbusiness Productors Association in 2011.

Ingried sings and plays for other Montreal ensembles, such as Nexus, La Poesia del Flamenco and Souk d’érable. She regularly takes part in the Deus ex Machina group, as well as Scholastica, Okto Echo, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra Choir and Biobazar. In 2013, she created a solo concert of Women Songs, and has been touring it since, in Canada and Scandinavia.

Her passion for all aspects of singing, has led Ingried to study classical techniques in Montreal, Paris as well as in Germany, with Barbara Schlick. She pursued her education in Arab, Gypsy, Yiddish and Flamenco singing all over the world.

In the summer 2015, she toured UK and mostly Scotland with her Scottish/English/Quebec trio TRÎLES. She had the chance to study Gaelic singing with renowned singers Christine Primrose and Kenna Campbell Kennedy.

Ingried graduated in piano interpretation from the renowned Vincent d’Indy School of Music. She also plays numerous wind instruments and she has studied the nay with Sami Rizkallah and Dr. A.J. Racy.

Ingried has been teaching private and group classes for more that fifteen years. She was also the choir director for the Every Kid Choir and the Every Singer Choir, from 2011 to 2013. She was guest teacher in Odense and Århus Conservatories (Denmark) during the 2014 Winter.