Yogi Chai Ice Cream

While the hot summer days are still with us, why not come down and taste our newest creation?

Delicious, vegan, kulfi-inspired Yogi Chai Ice Cream!!!

Chai Ice Cream

Chai Ice Cream

Prepared using our favourite blend of spices with a pinch of saffron, ground almond and lashings of coconut cream, it’s available for £2.80 a portion.

We hope you enjoy it!

Swipii now accepted!

We’re currently trying out a loyalty system called Swipii… It’s easy to use (come down and we’ll explain it) and you can get all kinds of fun rewards.

Each visit gets you five points, and the points can be traded in for the following prizes:

  • 20 points (just four visits) gets you a free green tea of your choice.
  • 25 points (five visits) gets you a pot of yogi chai.
  • 50 points (ten visits) gets you a dahl, chilli, curry or falafel.
  • 100 points (twenty visits) gets you a meal for two with tea.
  • 250 points (fifty visits) gets you a lovely gojou tea set.

Please note – each time a prize is claimed the counter resets.

So come down and try it. It’s worth a swipe!


Ways to buy tea

In store, our shelves have all been stocked up with great quality loose teas and beautiful teaware!

We have also opened an ebay shop so loose teas can now be bought from the website, eBay and of course in person from the tea house.

 loose tea